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Love is...

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Together with our volunteers and interns, our team has made over thirty home visits this week, which meant our week was full of sweet visits and lots of shared wisdom!

Our deliveries were made even sweeter with handmade cards from students at OLPH Catholic School! Pictured above you can see one of our participants enjoying the card as Jennifer Schultz, our Care Coordinator, reads him the message.

We were also able to provide bottled water to many of our participants who may not be able to get to the store in the event of an emergency, and we are so grateful for Life Care of East Ridge’s donation of the water!

We know that people show love in different ways and we wanted all of our participants to have the opportunity to share what love means to them. We were hoping that we might learn something new about each person and, in the process, learn something new about how to love our neighbors well. That's exactly what happened, so we wanted to share it with you!

Love is...

"...everything and it comes from God."


"...God, Family, and Friends."

"...action, support, and care


"...caring, helping, making phone calls."

"...a real affection and care for someone - someone to call on."

Who are the people that show you what love is? Is it tied to your faith, family, and friends? To community? To service? These friends show us what love is in the way they welcome us into their homes - some filled with jazz music, Hershey kisses, and thoughtful decorations and others filled with beautiful artwork and family treasures. Our volunteers also show us what love is when they spend their time visiting and making phone calls - even introducing children and grandchildren to their newfound friends - widening each others’ communities just a little bit at a time!

How will you show what love is today?

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Ron Lau
Ron Lau
Feb 18, 2020


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