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Board of Directors

Br. Steve Fogt, C.F.A., Board Chair and President

One of the desires of joining the Alexian Brothers was a willingness to serve the marginalize neighbors in our communities. When Br. Dan McCormick our Provincial asked me to transfer from St. Louis to Chattanooga to help expand the St. Alexius Outreach Ministry. I saw an opportunity to collaborate with faith-based organizations in the Chattanooga area. One of the ministries that we connected with was the United Way’s 211 program. This program provides a helping hand with participants that are experiencing food insecurity. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I have the support of many volunteers to bridge the gap of many elderly that are facing uncertainty as to where their next meal will come from.

Working with low-income participants gives me the opportunity to not only see Christ in those; we serve but prayer together for their needs and the needs of the community.  Working in connection with our partner agencies in helping to elevate some of the anxiety that others are facing is very rewarding and fulling as I continue to my ministry as an Alexian Brother.

Br. Richard Lowe, C.F.A., Vice Chair

Brother Tom Klein, C.F.A., Secretary, Treasurer

Brother Tom Klein is a native to Milwaukee Wisconsin with a background in sales/marketing management.   For the Alexian Brothers Congregation has provided spiritual care and presence in acute care, mental health, and senior living ministries. 

Additionally, he is on the Province Formation Committee and serves as Director of Postulants USA.  Further he sits on several board of directors, the Provincial Council (the province governing committee for the US Philippines and Hungary), the Saint Alexius Outreach Ministries board and Presence Behavioral health board.  Moreover, he functions as the Director of Ministry Development for the US.    In the past he sat on the board of directors for the Alexian Brothers Housing & Health Alliance (formerly the Alexian Brothers AIDs ministry). He also serves on the Advisory Board for Kolbe House Jail Ministry. 

His hobbies include music, reading, exercise and volunteerism.

Betty Anne Neal, Director

Judy Walker, Director

The SAOM Board welcomed me to join them Nov.3, 2021.   I have gotten to know some of the Alexian Brothers and their work at St. Alexius Outreach Ministry since retiring to Alexian Village of Tennessee in March, 2017.  Living on campus, I’ve seen the dedication with which the Brothers serve in various ways, and have often enjoyed listening to Br. Richard Kane share his SAOM experiences between pickleball games.  I have limited volunteer experience in ministries somewhat similar to SAOM, such as Chattanooga Community Kitchen, Faith In Serving Humanity in Monroe, GA, and the Gwinnett GA Community Clinic; and I look forward to serving on the SAOM Board and learning more about this ministry and how we may share God’s blessings with those in need.         

Our board works to further the mission of the Alexian Brothers in Chattanooga through supporting our vision of a community where our elders know they are cared for and valued. 

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Left to right: Br. Richard Lowe, C.F.A., Vice President; Susan W. Chill, Executive Director; Judy Walker; Brother Steve Fogt, C.F.A., President/Board Chair; Brother Tom Klein, C.F.A., Secretary Treasurer; Betty Anne Neal

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