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Our volunteer roles provide you with the opportunity to use your own skill set on your own time-frame. Click below to read descriptions for examples of ways you might be able to serve an elder through friendship! Please note that all of our current volunteer opportunities comply with social distancing guidelines and personal protective equipment is available for any in-person opportunities. 


Home visits are the heart of our Hospitality at Home program. Volunteers are matched with a participant based on mutual interests, location, and personality. Most home visitors make a call to their participant at least once per week and visit 2-4 times per month. This is typically a long-term volunteer position and we strongly encourage at least a year-long commitment. 

*Regular visits currently suspended due to COVID-19

Volunteers provide friendly well-being check-in calls from our downtown office or from the comfort of their own home. This is often combined with home visits for our elders that live alone without much access to community. 


All of our participants' birthdays are recognized along with other memorable occasions and holidays. Help celebrate birthdays, holidays, and memorable occasions through visits, calls, cards, and gifts. This may also be combined with home visits or be a more sporadic opportunity, such as helping with Christmas delivery. We are currently looking for a volunteer to take a leadership role in coordinating these holiday and birthday recognition events.


This is a more sporadic opportunity that involves assessing home maintenance needs and providing small home repairs and weatherization - just the things that a friend might do for you! This opportunity is perfect for someone looking for an volunteer role that does not require a high time commitment.  

Currently, food box delivery is a critical need in our community. This volunteer rides on the shuttle to assist our driver in delivering food boxes throughout the community. This volunteer may need to lift up to 30 lbs. 


While we do not offer delivery services or crisis response, we do recognize that a volunteer may be able to help out by picking-up prescriptions or groceries. In addition, this opportunity is also part of our COVID-19 response, which includes delivery of household supplies and emergency food boxes.