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Br. Steve Fogt ca 2018.jpeg

Brother Steve Fogt, C.F.A


One of the desires of joining the Alexian Brothers was a willingness to serve the marginalize neighbors in our communities. When Br. Dan McCormick, our Provincial, asked me to transfer from St. Louis to Chattanooga to help expand the St. Alexius Outreach Ministry, I saw an opportunity to collaborate with faith-based organizations in the Chattanooga area. One of the ministries that we connected with was the United Way’s 211 program. This program provides a helping hand with participants that are experiencing food insecurity. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I have the support of many volunteers to bridge the gap of many elderly that are facing uncertainty as to where their next meal will come from.

Working with low-income participants gives me the opportunity to not only see Christ in those; we serve but prayer together for their needs and the needs of the community.  Working in connection with our partner agencies in helping to elevate some of the anxiety that others are facing is very rewarding and fulling as I continue to my ministry as an Alexian Brother.

Br. Richard

Br. Richard Kane, C.F.A.

Alexian Brother

Br. Richard Kane has been serving at St. Alexius Outreach Ministry since its incorporation. His joy and compassion are evident in all of his interactions with staff, volunteers, and participants. 

Brother Torch.jpg

Brother Torch Acosta

Alexian Brother

I was unable to be with family during 2013 Thanksgiving. Instead, I volunteered to help serve Thanksgiving lunch at St Louis Catholic Church in Austin, Texas. I didn’t serve food, but I was asked to accompany elderly & handicapped along the food line, wipe tables, and change trash bags. It was such a very fulfilling experience of me to be part of a team of dozen other volunteers that I was compelled to consider religious life as an Alexian Brother. During my 2015-2017 novitiate years, I again experienced fulfillment as a volunteer at a north St. Louis soup kitchen. I served food, washed dishes, unloaded boxes of donated food, and swept the floor. These experiences helped me develop confidence in partnering with United Way & Chattanooga Food Bank to deliver boxes to the poor and hungry in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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